Matrimonial Valuations
Divorces are rarely straightforward, but they can become drawn-out, costly and heated when neither party can agree on how to distribute their jointly owned assets. If you can’t decide what to do with your home or who deserves what, you’ll need a matrimonial valuation – otherwise known as a divorce settlement valuation – from an independent RICS registered valuer.
Our team of impartial and compassionate valuers can value your property accurately at a time that suits you. In the process, we’ll produce a robust report for your legal advisors and the judge, allowing you to reach an amicable agreement during court proceedings. Call us today to discuss matrimonial valuations with a valuer directly.

What is a matrimonial valuation?

An impartial matrimonial valuation is required if the divorcees can’t decide on how to divide their assets fairly. You’ll need a valuation from a RICS registered valuer for a judge to decide how to distribute your assets in accordance with the law.

Regarding your property, a divorce settlement briefly details:

  • The home’s market value
  • Locality
  • Accommodation type
  • Constructions
  • Tenure details

In most cases, divorcees jointly hire a RICS registered valuer to get an accurate property valuation, though valuers can work for one party provided they remain impartial.
Depending on the assets you jointly own, you may also require valuations from other professionals. For example, you might need an antique valuer to estimate a painting’s value, especially if it’s likely to increase.


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The benefits of obtaining a property valuation for divorce purposes

By obtaining a matrimonial property valuation, you can:

  • Get Advice from an Independent RICS Registered Valuer
    Let our professionals value your property without bias.
  • Prevent Legal Disputes
    Potentially avoid the need to go to court by obtaining an independent valuation.
  • Receive What’s Rightfully Yours
    Don’t give up assets you think belong to you until you have a market valuation.
  • Ensure Court Proceedings Go as Smoothly as Possible
    Provide your legal advisors and the judge with an accurate matrimonial valuation to prevent delays.

Need some advice on matrimonial valuations

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